Absurdly Good Totally Accurate Battle Simulator

totally accurate battle simulatorIf you are looking for a funny game to laugh at you need to try this Totally Accurate Battle Simulator. It offers you with realistic effects of battle. It had clear graphic along with ridiculous gameplay. You can arrange the battle as absurdly as you want. The gameplay is fairly simple and easy. You just need to arrange the battling troops, battlefield and then enjoy the mayhem. You don’t need to doubt the battle animation. The developer had developed the smooth and great graphic and battle animation. They are trying to make a realistic battle simulator. Just like the name said. This simulator is really accurate on the battle. The effects of weapon clashing. The blood effects are really accurate. Truly if you are a fan of the battle game, and want some realistic actions, you need to try this game.

What About The Gameplay? Is Totally Accurate Battle Simulator Have Good Gameplay?

The gameplay is simple. Before the battle, you need to make a battle scenario. You need to arrange a number of troops that battling. You can insert absurd amount from massive battle to one man army versus one thousand armies. After you decided the troop amount, then you can select the troop type and weapon. You can select from peasants without a weapon or heavily armed soldier. After that, you can select the battlegrounds, and then enjoy the mayhem. Totally Accurate Battle Simulator battle animations are really realistic and absurdly good.

Just like we said earlier, Totally Accurate Battle Simulator had fairly easy and simple gameplay. This game doesn’t have a storyline. But you don’t need to worry you are going to be bored by this game. Just watching the animations is totally fun. After all, it’s a simulator game, so it focuses on the realistic effects and simulation. The smooth graphic doesn’t require a high specifications PC, you can run this game with medium spec PC smoothly. Medium spec, with great animations, and realistic simulation, that’s why you must try this game.