Acne Types And How To Treat

One of the biggest mistakes to deal with acne is we are not patient enough to let the acne by itself. Since we really want to know how to get rid of acne quickly, sometimes we cannot bear to touch the acne when it starts to appear on our skin or on another area of our body. Considering this notion, you might like to know further about the best way to treat your acne in a natural way.

Main Acne Types You Must Know

There are some types of acne that may happen to you. Understanding the type better will help you to determine what treatment to get rid of the acne soon. Here are the types of acne you should know.

  • Whiteheads: This acne is the one with the white spot on our skin which is actually gland of oil. This acne is caused by the excessive production of oil. How to get rid of acne which includes this type?
  • Blackheads: This acne is more likely to be found on our nasal and nose area. It is common acne with the tiny area of our skin that looks like a black lump. This acne happens because of the blocked follicles.
  • Popules: If you find small dots with red color or something like a bump on your skin, it is possible that you get populous acne.

How To Treat Acne Naturally?

After learning some of the acne types that you can find in your daily life, now you can learn the right way to treat acne naturally. You can check the treatment as follow.

  1. Cleanse your skin gently: Remember that acne can happen because of the bad skin practice which leads to irritation and more. So, you need to clean or wash your face and skin regularly to avoid the problem.
  2. Use healing mask: when learning about how to get rid of acne, you can consider using healing mask made of honey and more as well.
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