Advantages And Disadvantages Health Insurance

Health careNowadays, the medicinal treatment cost is very expensive. Having health insurance is very important, moreover, now, having health insurance becomes the necessity to cover the health. What is health insurance? Health insurance is the insurance which ensures the health and care cost if the member who joins that insurance has an accident or illness. You can choose to join insurance with insurance agent private or government. To get the insurance you have to pay a claim cost every month. The cost depends on the insurance class which you choose.

There are some advantages and disadvantages of having health insurance. Firstly, is about the advantages of having insurance health. Actually, there are many advantages that you will get. The first is the cost that is paid by you every month, the cost of health insurance is cheaper than another kind of insurance. Second is you, do not worry about the cost when suddenly you have to hospitalize or you get an accident. You will live without worry because you also have access to medical attention. Health insurance also covering the surgery bills, it is needed if you become injured or get seriously ill.

Those are some advantages of having health insurance. However, having health insurance does not just give you advantages, but there are some disadvantages of having health insurance. The first is if you have health insurance with less expensive class, the service from the hospitality is not really good as well as the expensive class. Second is you have to give payment per month to the insurance. The third is if you have a serious illness and the health insurance cannot cover enough the surgery bill that you need. You have to pay the remaining cost. So, there are some advantages and disadvantages of health insurance that, will you get when you join that insurance.