Android Nougat For The Better Performance

android nougatIs it correct that the Android Nougat will give you the better performance of your smartphone? Actually, in every new version of the Android system as your operation system of your smartphone always followed the update feature and the better performances of the latest version of Android. So, what is the upgrade performance that follows the Nougat as the latest version of the Android that releases nowadays? Don’t go anywhere, when you are want to change your old smartphone with the new one that installs the Nougat as the Android system.

Better Performance Of Your Smartphone With Android Nougat.

The performance of your smartphone will give many impacts for your daily activity, especially for people that work with the smartphone. With the Nougat system, you can see the new thing that appears on the notifications that contained by the combination of some applications that can appear faster than before. You just need to tap to widen the applications and see more information only on the notification tab without you should open the applications. While using the Android Nougat, you also can control your notifications setting from the tab without you should open the setting to able and unable the applications that you want to see the notifications. If the other smartphone system, you can increase and decrease the font size that you want to use, in this system you not only can change the font size, you also can change the icon size and give you the different experiences.

You can clear or uninstall some application in the same time with the option ‘clear all’. The Nougat also complete with work mode when you don’t want to disturb with any notifications of many application on your smartphone. When you work has finished, you can turn off the work mode and your smartphone will back in the normal mode. That’s all about the Android Nougat for your smartphone. Thank you for reading.