Apple iPhone 6S vs iPhone 6

Apple iPhone 6sDo you know about Apple company? It is a big company innovated various gadget with a high technology. It’s a popular product that is iPhone actually has been a good choice for those who want a smartphone. Then Apple iPhone 6S nowadays comes to be the product from Apple for the highest sale in 2016. Even the latest product from Apple that is iPhone 7 has a lower sale. Then, talking about iPhone 6S, indeed many people will compare it to iPhone 6. At glance, both of them are almost the same. For the differences, it just has a slight thing.

Camera in Apple iPhone 6S and iPhone 6

Then one of the differences which can be found on Apple iPhone 6S and iPhone 6 is the camera. Actually, both of the gadgets have the same front and rear camera. That is why the result of the picture is almost the same. When we do not see it well, of course, it is hard to find the difference between them. However, if we see closer there is a slight difference in camera 6S’ and 6’s. Thus, what are the difference between them? Read the answer in the following passage.

For the first one we can see that in capturing dark objects, both cameras have the same quality. However, if we take a look closer, 6S’ camera is a little bit better for the level of brightness. Then, for the panorama, those have the same level. Then in capturing the light, which one is better is the camera of iPhone 6S. In this case, the light in the picture is better when we use Google Reverse Image Search Iphone. In short, overall the camera of 6S is a little bit better rather than 6’s. Now, have you decided which iPhone you will choose?