Best TV Apps For Your Android Devices

In this era, the way you watch television is developing. Watching TV is not always about you sit in front of the television anymore. Now, you can watch and enjoy your favorite television program on your Android. By software like Mobdro App, now you can stream any TV program you like by using your Android devices.

Best TV Apps To Use On Your Android Devices

Now, what are the best apps that you can use to stream TV shows on your Android devices? Let’s check the list as follow.

  • HBO Now

In the first place, there is HBO Now which is available on Google Play Store. It is said that the app can work well on your Android devices. It offers good quality of streaming. Nevertheless, the price of this app is quite high especially when we consider the channel which is only one.

  • Mobdro

Secondly, there is Mobdro App which is also a good live streaming software that you can download and install on your Android devices. Different with HBO now, this app is free and you can also find a lot of channels to play. You can get its Apk file on its authorized website to make us of its beneficial features.

  • Hulu

Then, you can also consider Hulu a live TV app that is said to be one of the largest apps out there. The monthly price to get its service is starting from $7.99. But, you can start the app free since it offers a free trial for limited access.

Those are several best TV apps that you can use to watch TV online on your Android devices. If you like to get the one that is free, Mobdro seems to be the best solution you have. If you are interested to download and install this app, visit