Buying Tips For Healthiest Canned Tuna

Tuna is known to be one of the healthiest foods that we can eat. In the market, we can this seafood in some forms with canned tuna as one of the popular forms of this seafood. Nowadays, many foods we eat come in the canned form which in some ways makes us use to have it. When it seems to be a healthy food for our diet, it can be otherwise when we do not get the right tuna product in the market. That’s why it is essential to learn some points to consider when we are buying tuna in the canned variety.

Smart Tips To Buy Healthiest Canned Tuna

First of all, think green. It is no secret that tuna has a good nutrition that is good for our body, but we must remember about its environment as well. It is always better to choose kind of canned tuna product that is caught via pole-and-line or troll so that it is friendlier to the environment. In this case, you can consider the available of Marine Stewardship Council label on the can. Second, you must pay attention to the packaging as well. It is good for you to have the one that is packaged in BPA-free cans since BPA is frequently related to precancerous development.

Afterwards, you must watch out whether the tuna product you buy is contaminated by mercury or not. There are some brands which are found to be contaminated by mercury. To avoid this kind of product, choose tuna product that is light and come from skipjack because it is lower in this chemical contain. Then, there is also yellowfin which is also considered to be “light”. However, it is considered to have a higher level of mercury than the skipjack. If you need recommended tuna product, you can check on