Beware The Fake Dentist

There are many people do not care about the real dentist or the fake dentist about. The teeth are not too important for most people because they think it does not really make the health worst. Well, the people are mistaken. Teeth and mouth are like the main important part of your body to take care of. You should check your teeth and mouth to the dentist every six months. However, you know there are many fake dentists nowadays. What to do?

Tips To Choose The Right Dentist

It is not easy to always make your teeth healthy because you need to get used to brushing your teeth every night and check your teeth to the dentist to see the problems. Even, if you should do scaling to clean your whole teeth routine. Then, some people also need the treatment of braces to make their teeth become normal and look better. Those job of taking care tooth cannot be done by wrong people who are not a dentist. How to choose a right dentist?

  1. Make sure you come to the right clinic or hospital with the permission of dentist practice. You may see it from the number of permission and make sure the letter or number is not fake.
  2. Then, you should make sure the name of your dentist is recorded on the website where you will find the whole doctors and dentist who have permission to practice.
  3. You may find the website on the internet to check your dentist is a real dentist or not.

There are many people who do the illegal work like dentist but they are no dentist at all. They apply braces on people teeth without the right procedure. There are many people fooled because they do not know the person is not a real dentist. Besides, they offer the cheaper price to the patient. Do you want cheap treatment or the expensive one but the result is real? Your health in your own hands.

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Home Remedies Made With Natural Ingredients

To make natural home remedies, you need to know the several natural ingredients that will be very good for home remedies. There are many natural ingredients that will surely give you best benefits for your health. You will find them all in your kitchen easily. So, do you want to know several home remedies ingredients in your kitchen? Take the peek here.

The Several Natural Ingredients To Create Natural Home Remedies

There are so many home remedies that will be your savior for you and your family in the emergency time. Well, what are the natural ingredients of home remedies for you and your family? Here I will share the several easy ingredients:

  1. It is the most multifunctional natural home remedies ingredients. You may use it on your skin or even consume it for stomachache or for other problems in your body. For skin, it is very good for skin diseases. It will help you to make your skin brighter as well.
  2. Dark Chocolate. It is very good for helping your cough. Who loves to eat dark chocolate? It is also very good to help your mood to be boosted.
  3. Flower tea. It is very good to reduce your fever. Do you love to drink tea?
  4. Aloe Vera. This ingredient is very good for any purposes such as skin and hair. It will be very good to soothe your skin from a burn.
  5. Apple cider vinegar. This is very popular for health purpose and for your skin problem. This is very good to get rid your acne well.

Those are several natural ingredients for you to create your own home remedies. Do you want more tips related to the same topic? You may click natural home remedies now for finding those things. Thus, that is all the information for you. Hope you like it.

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What Not to Eat For Those Who Are Pregnancy in The First Stage

Having a baby in your tummy is one of the greatest gifts given by God, right? And, as soon-to-be-mother, you should prepare and keep your pregnancy health and in check. Here, we give you eating tips on what-not-to-eat during pregnancy.

List of What Not to Eat for Pregnant Moms

According to study that when you are pregnant, your body immune system is getting lower. That is why you should avoid some foods which can be harmful your baby. We think you won’t it to happen. Unpasteurised milk is not good for pregnant moms. It contains bacteria like listeria, E.coli, or salmonella that harms yourselves and your baby. Soft cheeses are made from unpasteurized milk, so you are highly not recommended to eat them including ricotta, feta, brie, etc. It is very good for you to stay away from eating undercooked meat and poultry during your pregnancy. If you want to consume them make sure that they are well cooked. In fact, parasites like salmonella and toxoplasmosis come from those products and it can create serious implication for your baby.

You may love to eat raw seafood when having dinner or lunch in a Japanese restaurant. Eating raw seafood in your sushi should be avoided when you have a baby in your tummy. In addition, salmon in your sushi contains small parasitic worms while red shellfish may contain hazardous bacteria and viruses. It is wise for you to avoid some types of fishes which may contain high amounts of mercury like marlin or shark. You are still allowed to eat seafood as if you well-cook them. And, you are also not allowed to eat unwashed fruits and vegetables. They may contain pesticide which is harmful to your baby. In addition, there are many foods that you should avoid alcoholic drinks, raw egg, deli meat, etc.

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Some Reasons of Choosing Careers in Health Care

When people talk about careers, there can be many possibilities to choose. There are many opportunities to choose about the careers. Nowadays, there are various careers to choose compared to the old days. Especially, now there are more fields that need person to work in there. In this case, career in health care is one of the popular ones. This field is popular because of many reasons. Of course, it is interesting to see the reasons. This can also be reference for people who need to prepare their future from now.


Reasons of choosing health care career

it is true that careers in health care is popular. In this case, people should know and be aware that health care is not only about doctors and nurses. They can be called as the key careers, but it is not only about them. There pharmacists and, even, accountants needed in this career field. That is why this is popular. There are many opportunities in only a field. It is not only for people who have background in health and medical education, but it is also for people with educational background in management, accounting, and other fields.


The other thing will be about the income. Of course, people are working for living. To live, they will need money. Shortly, it can be said that money is one of the main reasons. In this case, this field can provide competitive incomes compared to other fields. Even, it can be said that this field has one of the highest incomes among other fields. Of course, this can be a good consideration since working in this field can give better warranty about the income or salaries. Moreover, this is also the correct field for people who love to help others. Since this is in the field of health, it means that people will always have chance to help them in getting better condition.

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Natural Daily Treatments For Whole Skin Type

Do you have sensitive skin or maybe normal skin? Oily and dry skin can join here too. I will share the tips to make natural daily treatments for your skin. I think your skin is happy now. You know, many people have a problem with their skin but do not know what to do. They prefer to do nothing or their skin become worst. It is not true. If you need change; you need to struggle.

The Tips Of Natural Daily Treatments For All Type Of Skin

It is ok to try the natural treatments. It is not really dangerous. You may be afraid of the chemical skin care that not the natural ones. So, are you ready with the tips? You may read it below:

  1. The daily natural treatments or skin care of mine will include mask, toner, and moisturizer. The masks are two kinds and I use them separately.
  2. First, I use the aloe Vera gel from the popular brand but you may use the real aloe Vera gel from your garden if you want. I use it as a mask in the morning before I do my makeup. Maybe I will use the whole day long in the weekend. The result is very good.
  3. Then, I use the mask made of pure milk and oatmeal. I use it not only for the mask but also as a scrub. I use it before I sleep and use my daily toner.
  4. The last, I use apple cider vinegar as a toner.

The problem of my skin is sometimes sensitive, oily and acne prone. However, those skin care are very good for almost all skin type. You may use aloe Vera gel as a moisturizer and you can replace the pure milk with white egg or maybe honey as you need. You may see the functions of those ingredients. So, that is it. Hope you like it.

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Preparing First Aid At Home

If you have any member of the family in your home; you should have the preparation of first aid at your home or home remedies. It will be needed someday. You will never know and you cannot guarantee all the people will always be healthy every day and every time. So, here I will share the tips for preparing first aid and home remedies at your home.

How To Prepare The Important First Aid At Home?

You should know what you need in your own home; include the home remedies and first aid for an accident in your home. Some diseases such as flu, cough, fever and small injury and cut usually happen in the home. So, here are you need for home remedies and first aid:

  1. Prepare the medicine and bandage for a minor cut and wound in a box of first aid.
  2. Then, you should not forget alcohol to help you sterilize the wound or cut.
  3. Alcohol here also important to sterilize your hands and any other part of your body.
  4. You can prepare a pouch or bottle to fill a hot water or ice to compress the part of the body that need it.
  5. Then, you should not forget a home remedy for fever and headache in a box.

So, those are several things you should have in a box of first aid. You should prepare more natural home remedies such as turmeric, honey and so on in your kitchen too. It will be useful in some case such as itchy on your skin and problem with your stomach.

You may find out more about the natural home remedies to prepare in your home just in case your family members have the problem of health. So, you can help them directly before taking them to doctor or hospital. Ok, that is it. Do you have more tips for preparing the first aid box?

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Something Wrong in Skinny Jeans

Behind the beauty of skinny jeans, it turns out there are many problems that arise if used continuously. Starting from numbness due to nerve clamping until the stomach feels heartburn. According to the vascular surgeon in America, choose clothes that are comfortable to use because the clothes in the design are not to provide a body shape that we do not belong to it. Users of skinny jeans usually experience numbness in their legs because the pants they use are too tight. Actually, the condition is not harmful, but if it happens continuously then the user the user will experience the effect of sustainable or even permanent.

Knowing the Dangers of Wearing too Tight Jeans

A neurologist in Chicago said that people suffering from tight pants syndrome are characterized by abdominal discomfort, heartburn, and belching. This is due to wearing tight long jeans. Casually, they use a 3-inch size smaller than the size that should be used. When the stomach feels depressed, the food cannot be digested properly and this condition can worsen the condition of people who already have digestive problems such as reflux esophagitis, regular and chronic heartburn. A study in the UK also states that 1 in 10 men who use too tight pants have problems with the bladder, while 1 in 5 men have problems with rotating testicles.

Fashion is a natural thing for a few people. Following the development of the fashion world is the right of everyone and of course, fashion trends will continue to grow. Wear tight jeans is fine, provided that at the time of use or afterward you do not feel a little tormented because of it. Duration of use also has a limited time and each time has a risk that you can bear later. Do not be too long to wear pants like this in everyday life, because many experts and research show that there will be a dangerous risk that you can feel later if you still wear it in a long time.

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Ways To Stop Infantigo Appeared

When you get cut, insect bites, or abrasion, don’t scratch it and do some treatment. If you let your skin which has been biting by insects or other open, so there will be some bacteria comes into your skin. Then, the biggest problem will occur like an infection. One of the possible infection that will appear after you let your damaged skin open is infantigo. Have you heard about it? When you have a new scar by insect or abrasion then you let it be so there will be an infection. Then, the infection will be growth to be this problem.

Things To Do To Prevent The Spreading Of Infantigo

You cannot let the bacteria of Staphylococcus aureus and Streptococcus pyogenes damage your skin. If you have a scar, so cure it as soon as possible then keep it close. In that situation, there will be no bacteria that live in your skin. If you do not want to get infantigo on your skin, so you can follow this thing:

  1. Don’t ever get direct contact with people who have it. If you need to cure people with it, so you can wear protective gloves when you want to apply any ointment on their skin,
  2. Always keep your skin clean by using soap when taking bath and washing hand,
  3. Apply antibiotics ointment when you have skin breach. You can clean your skin with water and soap first, then apply the antibiotics ointment right after you skin dried,
  4. Keep your nails cut short to avoid any infective organism under your nails.

From these four steps, you may prevent any possibility of infantigo. In general, you have to keep your body and environment clean so there will be no dirt and bacteria. If there is a wound, so you have to treat it soon.

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Let’s Start Good Habits for Better Life

Keeping our body healthy is one of our jobs to make sure that we can live happily without worry about any disease we have. If you want to get the better health in your future, you must do it right now. There are many bad habits you can do it to make you can keep your body healthy like what you want.

4 Good Habits to Follow

If you want to do anything to keep your body healthy, there are many good habits which can help you to do it. The simple good habits you can do it every day are:

  • Don’t forget to eat breakfast with the healthy foods. You can eat fruits or any healthy salad. You also should eat in the other meal time like lunch and dinner. Make sure you don’t eat too much in dinner.
  • Make it usual to drink more mineral water than any water in a bottle. If you like drinking any water in bottle, in this case is sweet drink like tea, soda, and many more, you can replace it to the mineral water.
  • You need to avoid any junk food no matter what the reason is. You can do it as long as you don’t see or smell it right way.
  • You need to do more simple exercises daily. You can do jogging, gymnastics, yoga, or any other simple exercises and make sure you do it every day for about 10 to 15 minutes.

Those are the simple bad habits you can do it right now if you want to get the healthy life in the future. It is hard to start something new but if you want to get the better future life, you should do it right now and try to consistent with your options.

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Acne Types And How To Treat

One of the biggest mistakes to deal with acne is we are not patient enough to let the acne by itself. Since we really want to know how to get rid of acne quickly, sometimes we cannot bear to touch the acne when it starts to appear on our skin or on another area of our body. Considering this notion, you might like to know further about the best way to treat your acne in a natural way.

Main Acne Types You Must Know

There are some types of acne that may happen to you. Understanding the type better will help you to determine what treatment to get rid of the acne soon. Here are the types of acne you should know.

  • Whiteheads: This acne is the one with the white spot on our skin which is actually gland of oil. This acne is caused by the excessive production of oil. How to get rid of acne which includes this type?
  • Blackheads: This acne is more likely to be found on our nasal and nose area. It is common acne with the tiny area of our skin that looks like a black lump. This acne happens because of the blocked follicles.
  • Popules: If you find small dots with red color or something like a bump on your skin, it is possible that you get populous acne.

How To Treat Acne Naturally?

After learning some of the acne types that you can find in your daily life, now you can learn the right way to treat acne naturally. You can check the treatment as follow.

  1. Cleanse your skin gently: Remember that acne can happen because of the bad skin practice which leads to irritation and more. So, you need to clean or wash your face and skin regularly to avoid the problem.
  2. Use healing mask: when learning about how to get rid of acne, you can consider using healing mask made of honey and more as well.
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Skipping Breakfast, Is It Good?

Particularly this article will discuss related to one main common thing happened in the morning, many people are familiar to skip breakfast time. No matter student and adult, they can skip breakfast time into routine activity due to certain reasons. Having no time, business, diet, are a common background that leads them never take breakfast. But, some experts say that breakfast is an important thing to do. It is where people can gain a basic source of energy as they need to support whole day activities. People need to make sure they provide proper energy so that all activities can be done properly.

Do Not Skip Breakfast Is the Best Way

In general, it is suggested to take breakfast even though only for a simple dish such as toast and bread. After sleeping at night, people need to have a new source where they can absorb some energy when there is nothing left in the stomach, it leads the gas production increase significantly.  This condition is not good since it can irritate the stomach as well. Meanwhile, for some people, has no food makes them weak and sleepy. Soaking is the extreme condition depends on people availability in facing this situation.

On the other hand, the need to have breakfast this time is supported by many sectors. Today, it becomes very easy to have breakfast on the way office or school. They can stop by and have simple dishes when they cannot have it at home because they cannot cook and prepare it by themselves. Meanwhile, taking fruit is also not a bad idea for breakfast, people can select this option once they cannot prepare something else. In fact, to keep the body health, taking breakfast routine is essential to do. Let them body health and not craving will be needed to make their whole days activities can be done as it should be.


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Main Six Factors of Health


You know, it is actually very easy to keep your body healthy. However, sometimes there are many people who are very hard to do some easy things and tend to choose the unhealthy habit and foods because of ego reasons. Well, if you love your body and need to live longer; you need to care about your habit and these six factors here. You will need to know about this.

Do This Main Six Factors of Health Now

There are many things you can do for keeping your healthy but the six factors here are the main ways to always healthy and happy. See below:

  1. The air. You will need the fresh air to live healthy and good. If you live in a big city where the pollution is the big problem; you should get a vacation once a week or more to get fresher air. Then, if you smoke, you should quit. It is not friendly to your life.
  2. The water. You should live with clean and hygiene water to live healthy and longer. If you think the water in your home is not clean; you can find the tools to make it more hygiene and clean.
  3. The foods and beverages. Of course, these two things are very important for your health. You know what to choose among foods and beverages in this modern days.
  4. Emotional balance. You should balance your emotion to always healthy and happy.
  5. Good and routine exercise. Well, it is an obvious exercise is very important for health.
  6. Enough rest and sleep. You should know how to get enough sleep and rest.

Thus, those are the six main factors for your health. If you get those six factors well; you can be a healthy person for a long time. Then, you can tell your family and friends how important the six factors above. Ok, which factor have you done well?

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How to Treat Anxiety

You feel anxious and you are upset about many things. Your breathing becomes rapid, while your heart beating fast. Not to mention that your mind becomes wilder and worse. Just relax! Anxiety is killing. But you don’t have to try medication since you can choose safe nondrug remedies below!

Treating Your Anxiety

There are many safe nondrug remedies to treat your anxiety. There are some supplements and teas that might help you to face the day and no more anxiety.

  1. Chamomile tea

A cup of tea never sounds wrong. If you have an anxiety attack, you can calm yourself by drinking a cup of chamomile tea. This tea contains Matricaria Recutita which is a compound that can calm your brain such as Valium. You can also take chamomile tea as your daily supplement. There is a study that said people with an anxiety disorder who take chamomile supplement regularly can decrease the anxiety symptoms compared to people who don’t take chamomile tea.

  1. Green tea

Who doesn’t love green tea? Many foods and beverages that have green tea on them are very delicious. The green tea flavor is very popular since last years and it still popular until now. But today you are not going to drink green tea smoothies or eat green tea ice cream. But you need to drink a cup of green tea. This tea is used by Japanese Buddhist monks to meditate for hours. They feel relax by drinking green tea regularly. The tea contains an amino acid that can decrease blood pressure and heart rate into normal. There are many types of research about green tea and the results are the same. Green tea can reduce anxiety. If you want to drink green tea daily, we recommend you to drink 3 to 5 cups of green tea.

Chamomile and green tea are the best, easiest, and cheapest remedies to treat your anxiety!

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Top Essential Oils For Rosacea Skin

Rosacea skin is very annoying. When you have rosacea, you need many skincare products. This will include essential oils for rosacea skin. Since rosacea doesn’t have the cure until now, many people use every method that they can find. From using over-the-counter skin care product, laser, and natural skincare. One of the ways to treat rosacea skin is by steaming or face for the dry and inflamed skin. The stem will open your pore so the sebum will off of your skin. The acne and redness will be soothed by the facial steam. Follow the simple recipe below.

Essential Oils For Rosacea Skin Recipe

The essential oils for rosacea skin ingredients can be found in many places and the prices are also cheap. You just need 5 drops of lavender, 5 drops of Palmarosa, 5 drops of carrot seed, 5 drops of Neroli, and ¼ cup of carrier oil. Combine all the ingredients and shake it before using. If it’s difficult to find palmarosa or neroli, you can try another recipe. However, this recipe is not recommended for people who have sensitive skin since it is a powerful recipe. The ingredients are 1 tablespoon of Tamanu oil, 2 drops of Helichrysum, 1 drop of lavender, and 2 drops of German chamomile. Combine the ingredients.

As for the facial steam, you need to put a shower cap and clean your face first. Then, prepare a large bowl and towel. Put the bowl on the table on everywhere that is comfortable for you to sit above it. Pour the hot water into the bowl and add 5 until 7 drops of your essential oils for rosacea skin. You can choose between the first and second recipe. Blend it into the water. Keep your face at least 30 cm above the hot water. Close your eyes and steam for eyes for 10 minutes. We hope that these essential oils work for you.

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Healthy Drinks for Persons with Diabetes

Having a diabetes means that we must be able to control ourselves from consuming anything that makes it possible to increase our blood sugar. In addition to the food that we have, we need to concern about drink or beverage that we consume. Then, what kind of drink that is healthy enough to consume by person with diabetes?

What to Drink as Person with Diabetes?

There are some drinks that are not dangerous for persons with diabetes. You can see the list of drinks as follow.

  • Clearwater

Of course, there is nothing dangerous about drinking clear water. It is even the best drink that a person with diabetes can have. By drinking more clear water, it is possible for our body to get rid more of excessive sugar blood in our body.

  • Tea

Another drink that is not dangerous for a person with diabetes is tea especially the green tea. It is discovered by a research that green tea offers positive effect to decrease bad cholesterol in our body.

  • Fruit and veggies juice

If you are bored with clear water and tea, you can drink fruit and veggies juice as a person with diabetes. Choose good fruit and veggies for person with diabetes to get the most of your healthy juice.

What Drink to Avoid as Person with Diabetes?

Then, how about the drinks that we need to avoid when we have diabetes? You can see the list of drinks that you need to avoid here.

  • Carbonated drink

The carbonated drink is considered dangerous for person with diabetes. It is because this kind of drink has the ability to increase your body weight.

  • Energized drink

Since this kind of drink is more likely to be rich in carbohydrate and caffeine, it becomes something that we need to avoid when we have diabetes.

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