Skipping Breakfast, Is It Good?

Particularly this article will discuss related to one main common thing happened in the morning, many people are familiar to skip breakfast time. No matter student and adult, they can skip breakfast time into routine activity due to certain reasons. Having no time, business, diet, are a common background that leads them never take breakfast. But, some experts say that breakfast is an important thing to do. It is where people can gain a basic source of energy as they need to support whole day activities. People need to make sure they provide proper energy so that all activities can be done properly.

Do Not Skip Breakfast Is the Best Way

In general, it is suggested to take breakfast even though only for a simple dish such as toast and bread. After sleeping at night, people need to have a new source where they can absorb some energy when there is nothing left in the stomach, it leads the gas production increase significantly.  This condition is not good since it can irritate the stomach as well. Meanwhile, for some people, has no food makes them weak and sleepy. Soaking is the extreme condition depends on people availability in facing this situation.

On the other hand, the need to have breakfast this time is supported by many sectors. Today, it becomes very easy to have breakfast on the way office or school. They can stop by and have simple dishes when they cannot have it at home because they cannot cook and prepare it by themselves. Meanwhile, taking fruit is also not a bad idea for breakfast, people can select this option once they cannot prepare something else. In fact, to keep the body health, taking breakfast routine is essential to do. Let them body health and not craving will be needed to make their whole days activities can be done as it should be.


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Main Six Factors of Health


You know, it is actually very easy to keep your body healthy. However, sometimes there are many people who are very hard to do some easy things and tend to choose the unhealthy habit and foods because of ego reasons. Well, if you love your body and need to live longer; you need to care about your habit and these six factors here. You will need to know about this.

Do This Main Six Factors of Health Now

There are many things you can do for keeping your healthy but the six factors here are the main ways to always healthy and happy. See below:

  1. The air. You will need the fresh air to live healthy and good. If you live in a big city where the pollution is the big problem; you should get a vacation once a week or more to get fresher air. Then, if you smoke, you should quit. It is not friendly to your life.
  2. The water. You should live with clean and hygiene water to live healthy and longer. If you think the water in your home is not clean; you can find the tools to make it more hygiene and clean.
  3. The foods and beverages. Of course, these two things are very important for your health. You know what to choose among foods and beverages in this modern days.
  4. Emotional balance. You should balance your emotion to always healthy and happy.
  5. Good and routine exercise. Well, it is an obvious exercise is very important for health.
  6. Enough rest and sleep. You should know how to get enough sleep and rest.

Thus, those are the six main factors for your health. If you get those six factors well; you can be a healthy person for a long time. Then, you can tell your family and friends how important the six factors above. Ok, which factor have you done well?

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How to Treat Anxiety

You feel anxious and you are upset about many things. Your breathing becomes rapid, while your heart beating fast. Not to mention that your mind becomes wilder and worse. Just relax! Anxiety is killing. But you don’t have to try medication since you can choose safe nondrug remedies below!

Treating Your Anxiety

There are many safe nondrug remedies to treat your anxiety. There are some supplements and teas that might help you to face the day and no more anxiety.

  1. Chamomile tea

A cup of tea never sounds wrong. If you have an anxiety attack, you can calm yourself by drinking a cup of chamomile tea. This tea contains Matricaria Recutita which is a compound that can calm your brain such as Valium. You can also take chamomile tea as your daily supplement. There is a study that said people with an anxiety disorder who take chamomile supplement regularly can decrease the anxiety symptoms compared to people who don’t take chamomile tea.

  1. Green tea

Who doesn’t love green tea? Many foods and beverages that have green tea on them are very delicious. The green tea flavor is very popular since last years and it still popular until now. But today you are not going to drink green tea smoothies or eat green tea ice cream. But you need to drink a cup of green tea. This tea is used by Japanese Buddhist monks to meditate for hours. They feel relax by drinking green tea regularly. The tea contains an amino acid that can decrease blood pressure and heart rate into normal. There are many types of research about green tea and the results are the same. Green tea can reduce anxiety. If you want to drink green tea daily, we recommend you to drink 3 to 5 cups of green tea.

Chamomile and green tea are the best, easiest, and cheapest remedies to treat your anxiety!

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Top Essential Oils For Rosacea Skin

Rosacea skin is very annoying. When you have rosacea, you need many skincare products. This will include essential oils for rosacea skin. Since rosacea doesn’t have the cure until now, many people use every method that they can find. From using over-the-counter skin care product, laser, and natural skincare. One of the ways to treat rosacea skin is by steaming or face for the dry and inflamed skin. The stem will open your pore so the sebum will off of your skin. The acne and redness will be soothed by the facial steam. Follow the simple recipe below.

Essential Oils For Rosacea Skin Recipe

The essential oils for rosacea skin ingredients can be found in many places and the prices are also cheap. You just need 5 drops of lavender, 5 drops of Palmarosa, 5 drops of carrot seed, 5 drops of Neroli, and ¼ cup of carrier oil. Combine all the ingredients and shake it before using. If it’s difficult to find palmarosa or neroli, you can try another recipe. However, this recipe is not recommended for people who have sensitive skin since it is a powerful recipe. The ingredients are 1 tablespoon of Tamanu oil, 2 drops of Helichrysum, 1 drop of lavender, and 2 drops of German chamomile. Combine the ingredients.

As for the facial steam, you need to put a shower cap and clean your face first. Then, prepare a large bowl and towel. Put the bowl on the table on everywhere that is comfortable for you to sit above it. Pour the hot water into the bowl and add 5 until 7 drops of your essential oils for rosacea skin. You can choose between the first and second recipe. Blend it into the water. Keep your face at least 30 cm above the hot water. Close your eyes and steam for eyes for 10 minutes. We hope that these essential oils work for you.

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Healthy Drinks for Persons with Diabetes

Having a diabetes means that we must be able to control ourselves from consuming anything that makes it possible to increase our blood sugar. In addition to the food that we have, we need to concern about drink or beverage that we consume. Then, what kind of drink that is healthy enough to consume by person with diabetes?

What to Drink as Person with Diabetes?

There are some drinks that are not dangerous for persons with diabetes. You can see the list of drinks as follow.

  • Clearwater

Of course, there is nothing dangerous about drinking clear water. It is even the best drink that a person with diabetes can have. By drinking more clear water, it is possible for our body to get rid more of excessive sugar blood in our body.

  • Tea

Another drink that is not dangerous for a person with diabetes is tea especially the green tea. It is discovered by a research that green tea offers positive effect to decrease bad cholesterol in our body.

  • Fruit and veggies juice

If you are bored with clear water and tea, you can drink fruit and veggies juice as a person with diabetes. Choose good fruit and veggies for person with diabetes to get the most of your healthy juice.

What Drink to Avoid as Person with Diabetes?

Then, how about the drinks that we need to avoid when we have diabetes? You can see the list of drinks that you need to avoid here.

  • Carbonated drink

The carbonated drink is considered dangerous for person with diabetes. It is because this kind of drink has the ability to increase your body weight.

  • Energized drink

Since this kind of drink is more likely to be rich in carbohydrate and caffeine, it becomes something that we need to avoid when we have diabetes.

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Good Choice in Breakfast

Do you love to start your day with the best food? You should choose the best foods and beverages for your breakfast every morning, then. You will see how the breakfast can help you to face the whole activities better and powerful. You know, sometimes people just do not know that breakfast is important than other time of eating such as lunch or dinner. Ok, if you want to know the best choice of breakfast; you should read the following.

The Several Good Choice of Breakfast

You will see how the breakfast can be very good for starting your day. You will need energy for your activities and this breakfast will be the best way to give you the energy. However, if you are wrong in choosing the foods and beverages; you will not get the energy you need for ‏the whole day or at least until the time of lunch. There are several options for you who want to have the best breakfast. Well, you can start with apple or bananas. Then, you can drink anything you usually drink at mornings such as tea, coffee, orange juice or fresh water. However, it will be better if you drink fresh water and orange juice. Some people also choose lemon water for losing weight.

For the foods, you could eat boiled eggs and toasted bread. The next options are sandwich with vegetables and eggs. You can find any other foods filled with energy. Well, you can find out about the other foods for breakfast. The information above only the several options for you with the best nutrition, vitamin, and energy for your whole day. Well, I wish you will get the best breakfast next morning. By the way, if you are a mother; you should prepare the best breakfast for your children; therefore, they will grow up well.

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How To Cure Depression

Health tips

Depression is a serious thing. It can make you feel helpless and hopeless. But you have to remember that you are strong more than you know. With therapy, medication, and support from your closest ones, you can fight back depression.  Change your behavior such as your lifestyle, physical activity, and your way of thinking can cure depression. There are natural depression treatments which can be helpful to someone who suffers from insomnia. Those tips below can help you feel better.

Tips To Cure Depression

The first thing you do when you feel depressed is changed your behavior. You need a routine. Depression can destroy the structure of your life. Every day you will feel more depressed if you don’t get rid away of it. Setting a daily schedule will help you focus and get back on track. After you set a daily schedule, you need to set daily goals for yourself.  When you are in a depression, you will feel you can’t get anything. If this condition gets worse, you will also feel worse about yourself. So, daily goals are necessary. You can start very small goal such as wake up early. Once you start to feel better than before, you can add more exciting daily goals. But don’t be burden with it.

As you change your behavior, you need to change your lifestyle too. It’s better to have a healthy lifestyle. Exercise can boost feel-good chemical temporarily. Exercise can stimulate endorphins. You can get a long-term benefit from exercise regularly. It can encourage the brain to be more positive. Not only exercise, but you also need to eat healthily. It’s a good thing to watch what you eat daily. Sometimes, people with depression tend to overeat. Controlling you’re eating habit can make you feel better. Food such as salmon and tuna can help to ease depression since those foods rich in omega-3 fatty acids.

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Friendly Fruits For Diabetes

Health life

When you hear about diabetes, you might consider it as a condition in which you have to avoid any sweet foods. Some healthy foods are also containing sugar, which might get you anxious about what you can safely eat and which ones are not. In this case, the fruits are also the ones which contain sugar. But, you don’t have to be afraid of taking them for your meal or your diet plan because some of them are even giving you the best benefit for your body. So, you can choose some of these fruits to keep being fresh and healthy.

Freshness For Diabetes Individuals

There are some conditions in which you want to be healthy and being fresh when taking the foods. In this case, you can eat fruits for adding freshness to your body. The first fruit which will be good for your health is avocado. This fruit is a super fruit that will help you to be satisfied with what you eat. This delicious fruit contains zero sugar and high in fiber, which will be perfect fruit for the ones with diabetes. Then, you can also consume watermelon. This is one of the most refreshing fruits as you can consume especially on hot days. Watermelon contains 6 grams of sugar per 100 grams. The taste is sweet but because it has lots of water, you don’t have to be too worried.

The third fruit you can consume is blackberry. This is one of the most useful foods since it is high in fiber. Besides, this fruit is also sweet and delicious. You can consume this fruit raw or be processed to be juice. Blueberry will also help you in being healthy. The blueberry is really good for your body because it is high in fiber. Don’t panic because when you consume fruit which contains fiber and sugar, your blood sugar level will not increase too high.

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Body Needs High-Fibre Foods

Health care

What kind of food that you eat in every day? If you are a junk food or fast food lovers, you need to stop that habit since it has a bad impact on your body in the future. To have a healthy body, you need to drink mineral water in large quantities or minimally 8 glasses per day for adult and teenager. Besides that, you also need to consider the elements of your food. In fact, your body needs some kinds of food which can give what is needed by your body. The food that you eat should contain enough nutrition, protein, carbohydrate and also some vitamins.

Kind of High-Fibre Foods

The body also needs high-fiber foods to make it balance and to have a good digestive system. If your digestive system is not in good condition, it can damage your body health and cause some disease such as constipation, obesity and other disease related to digestive system. Do you know what kind of fiber foods that are needed by your body? There are two kinds of fiber containing in some kinds of foods, those are soluble fiber and insoluble fiber. Soluble fiber helps you to have a good digestive system by binding the fat and put it out in excretion system.

You need to know kinds of food which are containing high-fiber such as carrot, potato, spinach, kale, celery and some others. Carrot containing high-fiber and also A vitamin that are good for your body especially for your eyes. Besides containing high-fiber, potato also contains carbohydrate which can give energy to your body to do activities in daily life. Spinach and kale also contain high-fiber that are good for you to consume those vegetables every day. Celery also contains high-fiber that is good for metabolism system yet it is also good for you to postpone the aging process.

The Functions of Showering

Health careYou know it is important to keep your health. You will know how well the life if you are healthy. By the way, how many time do you shower a day? Some people have a different habit of the shower; that is why I am asking you right now. Moreover, it has so many functions for your health and social life. Do you have any ideas for the functions? You should continue to read this now if you want to know the functions and be healthier. Read them all as follow.

The Several Functions of Showering For Your Health

Maybe you will need to take a bath before going to school, work or other activities every day. Then, you can relax your body after the activities with the warm water in the evening. That is the common habit of showering in people life. However, the place where you live and how you do your activities and your metabolism really matter to determine your habit of showering. Then, what are the functions of showering? You can cleanse yourself from any dangerous germs or even bacteria and virus that may attack your body defense. Then, you will get the better skin and hair if you have the right soap or shampoo. It is the most important functions. What else?

You will need to take a bath to make sure your social life is ok. You can see sometimes the people who have bad odor will make you stay away because it is annoying. It will be very good for you to keep your body odor still fresh and do not make other people stay away from you. So, the shower habit will really give you good social interaction too. What do you think? Do you have another opinion about the functions? Share it now with others.

Veggies And Fruits Health Benefits

Health careEating fruit and veggies can be very beneficial for our health. Fruit is the best source of multivitamins, minerals, and a lot of nutrition our body needs, and vegetables are also necessary things to eat vitamins and minerals. Some of the vegetables might taste not really good in your tongue, some of them might taste bitter, and awful, but if you cook it carefully and correctly, you can make even bitter vegetables, into a delicious treat. Well, there are a lot of health benefits you can get from eating both of fruits and vegetables, for examples, eating a banana every day will get you additional low-fat sugar, and also a lot of potassium to enhances your concentration. Eating spinach is very good for your blood and heart. There are still a lot of health benefits you can get just by eating variant of veggies and fruits every day.

Some Examples Of Health Benefits You Can Get By Eating Fruits And Veggies.

The most common fruits are apples. There is ample amount of apples in this world, and it is not very rare fruits to get. You can easily get apple in nearest fruits store, or grocery store. Apples might be common fruits, but the health benefits you can get is very great. It had a lot of antioxidants, which help repel free radical to your body, and also help to prevent cancer and another harmful disease. Apples also great sources of vitamins, especially vitamin C. An apple for a day, help to keep the doctor away, means help you so you won’t get sick and see a doctor often.

Spinach is one of the easiest vegetables, to get as it is very common to see spinach in the grocery store. Spinach is not only good for our blood and heart, but also very good for our bones, and also good for our body immunity. Spinach can also be cooked to be very tasty, and it can easily go well inside salad with cabbage, cucumber, tomato, and Brussels sprout.

Mosquito Bites Natural Remedies

Health tipsIt is very upsetting if you just are bitten by the mosquito, right? The feel of itchy is so stressful. Moreover, you do not know whether the mosquito is dangerous or not. By the way, there are many products that can get rid the mosquito but they do not have products for healing the bites. So, here you will get what you want. If you continue to read the information here; you will find several things that can help you to relieve the bites. Let us see the info and tips below.

6 Ways Of Relieving The Mosquito Bites Naturally

The itchy is making people crazy. You just cannot let it on your skin a little bit longer. So, you can try the help here. Maybe ‎the remedies can be helpful for you and the bites are getting better. The first remedy is using the banana peel. You can rub the inside peel on the area you need. Then, you can use apple cider vinegar as well to relieve it. The third way is using lemon slice that you apply on the skin. Then, you can use the lavender essential oil and tea tree oil as well. Besides, a slice of onion can immediately remove your pain of bites too.

The last natural way is by using the baking soda with water. You should apply it on the area of biting mosquito. So, you can see the good result. Ok, you can try one of the ways above to heal your mosquito bites quickly. You may search the specific ways of applying the ways above in the different source if you want. Thus, that is all the information for you. I hope you like it and the remedies sore work on you. You may share this with other people who need it. Well done.

Healthy Diet Every Day

Health lifeHow do you know that your diet is healthy? You should know your needs before you consume anything in your menu. So, you will know what you need and whether it is good or not for your body. For you who do not know whether your foods every day are healthy or not for your body; you better continue to read this article here. What are the tips and the information? You may see the paragraphs as the following.

You Should Know These For Your Healthy Diet Every Day

If you think you are not really good at deciding what foods, you should consume. At least you know what you are consuming. You have to know several foods that will be good for your body. The first food is vegetables. Are you consuming them? There are a lot of them you can consume; if you do not like some of the vegetables, you may just consume some of them only. Then, you will need to eat fruits. Do you like salad? You can create your own salad with the fresh and sweet fruits every day for your healthy diet. Then, you will need carbohydrate such as rice, potato and so on. You just need to choose which one is the best for you.

You, if you want to eat meat, you should eat white meat such as fish or chicken rather than the red ones. Afterward, you will need to consume whole grains. Choose which ones are your favorite. Milk is next diet for you to get more calcium for your bones. So, what do you think? Do you eat all of them in your everyday diet? You can get a more specific menu for specific diet purposes. So, that is it. You may find other sources of the information if you want. Thus, that is all.

The Advantages AirAsia Online Booking

airasia online bookingDo you need to get the flight ticket as soon as possible to Singapore or Kuala Lumpur now? You need to check the AirAsia online booking first here. You do not need to go to the airport that may be far from your house. You only need to open your smartphone and click the website page where you can book the ticket. So, what do you waiting for? You may directly go to the next paragraphs for more info and tips below.

The Advantages of AirAsia Online Booking and Several Tips

In this digital era, you have shown some advantages of using the internet in your daily activities. You also can book the ticket for your flight online as well. It will be very practical and not wasting your time to go to the airport. You also will have some promo if you book the ticket online. Some lucky people will get the cheapest ticket, you know. You may be one of those people too. AirAsia online booking here will be very useful for you who want to get a cheap ticket and some promo. Do you ever use AirAsia to go to another country? You can try it again, then. You will get a free cabin for 7 kg and other advantages like check in online.

If you are worried about the quality; you have to know that it is standard for your journey and it is comfortable enough. You may find out more about this AirAsia and how to book the ticket only in the website page I am going to tell you here. You can directly go to the website page to see the price and book the ticket now by clicking AirAsia online booking. So, that is it. You can get more information about AirAsia there too. That is all; I wish it is helpful.

Tips to Get Cheap Flight Tickets

cheap flight ticketsWho do not want to get cheap flight tickets, indeed many people want that one. If you also want it now you don’t worry because there are the way to get the tickets. What are the ways? In this case, there will be some great tips for you all especially for those who are going to travel or do a long trip. By getting the inexpensive flight tickets, it can be very useful since you can make the trip budget lower than expected. Hence for those who have been so curious, below is the explanation that you can read more about tips to find the inexpensive flight tickets.

Some Tips to Get Cheap Flight Tickets

For the first tips, you all must do in order to get cheap flight tickets is deciding the destination. It is very important since each destination will offer a different price for the flight tickets actually. Commonly the popular destinations offer a higher price of flight tickets, meanwhile, the unpopular one is different. That is why it is recommended for you to choose the unpopular destination. About another tip which all people can do is by choosing the right airline. As having been known that each airline offered different services so it makes sense when great services will cause a high price of the flight tickets.

Besides waiting from promo is such a kind of great idea to get a discount for flight tickets. In this case, you just need to look for as many as information about the promo, it can be from the airlines or travel agent. If you look for the promo from airlines here you need to follow its account in social media. After that commonly when people book flight ticket long time before they depart, the price can be lower too. Indeed with all the tips explaining above, now getting cheap flight tickets is easy and simple, isn’t it?