How to Check Pokes On Facebook in Facebook Application

How To Check Pokes On FacebookIf you are smartphone user and on your phone, you install many applications, one of it is Facebook. You use Facebook because it is one of your social media, that now Facebook is still used by your friend too. You also always check your Facebook because many people poke you. How to Check Pokes on Facebook because you are curious to see if many people still use Facebook to update their daily life and to know the other people’s daily life.

How to Check Pokes on Facebook and Its Function

If you want to poke someone, make sure if you are not repeating your action to ‘poke’ always some people on your Facebook or you do that always every hour or not miss a single day to poke.  It seems that you are rude to them; moreover, if you are the new friend for they are or you do not know his or her, actually. If you know how to Check Pokes on Facebook and find many people who always poke you, of course, you will also feel the same. He or she does not know you but he or she is always disturbing you with their pokes, moreover if you are not too close with them. You will feel strange with them too.

However, if the one that pokes you is your very close friend, you can think if they do that because they want to ‘poke’ and ‘is poked’ with you. Some people do many pokes also to make poke war. It is the other function of ‘pokes’ that someone does that because he or she wants to fun with you. You can know and see how to Check Pokes on Facebook in the pokes page and give ‘poke back’ to poke people that poke you back. They will poke you again and again and you will poke them back with fun.