Correctional Services Learnership Term and Condition

Correctional Services LearnershipAre you planning to join a kind of learnership to increase your skill in work industry? Then, you may like to take correctional services learnership which is always opened every year. Among much other internship available in this country, this learnership is certainly a good choice to develop our knowledge and experience in working. Providing the training or twelve months, you can get to learn practical and theoretical skills in the training. However, how can we join this internship program? Find the answer in this following information.

Term and Condition to Join Correctional Services Learnership

Before learning about how to take the program, it is crucial for you to learn about the terms and conditions to join this training program. To take this program, it is necessary for you to provide one of three certificates. You can choose to provide certificate of Grade Twelve, Further Education or Vocational Schools. To take correctional services learnership, you should provide one of those certificates. Then, your age has to be between 21-year and 35-year old. It means that you can join this program if your age is fewer than 21 or above 35. In addition, you are obligated to do not have the law record as well.

Now that you have known what the requirements to join this internship are, it must be perfect if you also know how to join it. If you think that you can complete the requirement, you can take application form for this program in the correctional services office or simply download the form on its official website. The download process is similar to the way you download other content on the internet. After that, you have to complete the form and then submit it to the office. Don’t forget to sign it by your own self so that you are not banned from joining correctional services learnership.