Creative Shadow Box To Create

Do you want to make something meaningful, but creative as your gift for someone or for decorating your own home? When you want to have something to display, checking out about shadow box ideas will be a very good idea. We cannot deny that shadow box has something in common with the military because it becomes a tradition for military retirement to be granted with this shadow box. However, now you can make a thing like this as creative as you can to be presented to someone or for yourself.

Creative Shadow Box Ideas You Can Make Now

In case you would like to give it as a gift for your best friend, you can choose some of your weird photos with him or her and then create it into a shadow box. You can add any background you love for the photo and then add something like scrabble alphabet is written down as “best friend” around your photo. Other shadow box ideas that you can try is a couple shadow box. If the first idea is a best friend, the next idea here will be for your loved one. Well, you can make your box contained the photo of your first meet or your best photo when you are together with your loved one.

Then, if you want to make a wedding gift for your friend or relative using this idea, you can think about making one which has flowers and thing like your congratulation letter and other which will be meaningful enough for them to hang it on their home later on. You can also think about creating one which is like a cartoon form of your friend and his or her prospective wife or husband. Then, you can add both of their name and their wedding party’s date. That’s all some creative shadow box ideas that you can make a gift.