Dangerous Foods You Shouldn’t Eat

Health careThere are so many things in this world that could be cooked into foods. But there are also some dangerous things that you should not eat because it will make your body in danger. there is so many various kinds of foods in this world, the healthy one, and the bad one. The healthy foods should be eaten in other to get you body healthier, meanwhile, you need to stay away from the bad foods that will make your body not healthy anymore. Those bad ingredients are contained a toxin which is not good for your body, moreover, it could cause disease and sickness because consuming those bad ingredients. Some of the toxins also could make death because of its dangerous toxins inside those dangerous ingredients.

Fruit’s seeds are the first dangerous ingredients that you shouldn’t eat. The seeds inside, apple, apricot, cherry, green grapes are the dangerous one. Because inside those seeds contain hydrogen sianida or HCN which is the toxin that could make someone deaths. The second one is the rhubarb. There might be someone who’s never heard this ingredient. It the same kind of the potato and sweet potato. You can eat the body but not the leaf. Because in rhubarb’s lead contain the toxin.

Bitter almond also dangerous for your healthy body. There are two types of almond, the sweet one and the bitter one, the sweet one is safe to be consumed by a human while the bitter one is not safe. As you already know, honey is the most beneficial ingredients in this earth. But did you know that raw honey is dangerous for your body? Honey could be contained grayanotoxin which is could make your body can not move or dysfunction. But this condition is for 24 hours. After that, you can consume your favorite honey safely without worrying the quality of your honey.