ACO China

At the heart of the system the idea of ACO stands MultiDrain provide advantages for everyone: architects, designers, distributors, contractors and builders. Five classes of load six widths, three of the protective material edge and the wide range of standard, design or individual bars  an innovative concept for the complete freedom of design.



ACO MultiLine

ACO Drainlock

Enjoy total freedom of design with the wide range of gratings with different designs, colors, and materials – iron, composite material, stainless or galvanized steel. The innovative manufacturing technology of ACE allows the execution of different visions, rich in ideas and personality. Architects have the freedom in the choice of grilles, drainage chutes, like this can achieve typical highlights, as well as to create a unique design which reflects the particular project. At the same time, the optimal drainage and stability are guaranteed.

Protective edge of galvanized steel



Protective edge, stainless steel



Cast iron protected edge



Low-profile grooves
Nominal size 100, 150, 200, 300
Nominal size 400, 500

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