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ACO SlotDrain

ACO SlotDrain
In addition to its excellent functionality, drainage systems, ACE and the ability to provide SlotDrain aesthetic solutions and reveal a new approach to the design of outdoor areas. Discreet and unobtrusive, SlotDrain systems replace the grille and form clean, invisible line in the pavement.



ACO SlotDrain frames combined with channels of polymer composite ACO or ACO MultiDrain in various sizes and classes of load to D400.



Aesthetic vision
The discreet opening of slotovata system made of stainless or galvanized steel be combined excellently with different types of flooring and allows designing visually seamless flooring, accent on the line on the surface or an elegant transition between two different materials.



In addition to elegant appearance, the system ensures optimum ACO SlotDrain functionality. Slotovite frames are combined with channels of polymer composite ACO or ACO MultiDrain channels, which are characterized by high quality, wide range of accessories and components for easy maintenance and cleaning.



Individual solutions
As a leading manufacturer of solutions for surface drainage we are ready to respond to the specific needs of our clients in terms of design and functionality. ACO SlotDrain system can be designed for installation within a RADIUS to fa?ade or another individual decision. In addition to the standard range, slotovite frames can be made of steel or Korten with integrated lighting.



Low profile grooves
ACO SlotDrain

Product information 

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