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ACO Stormbrixx

System Introduction

ACO Stormbrixx is a unique and patented plastic geocellular stormwater management system. Designed for surface water infiltration and storage, its versatility allows it to be in applications across all construction environments as a standard solution or ass part of an integrated sustainable urban drainage (Sponge City) scheme. 

1. Designed to have good performance over 50 years, proved by creep test.

2. Produced with 100% virgin raw material to guarantee creep test design integrity. 

3. Patented brick bonding and cross bonding feature


  • Patented brick bonding and cross bonding delivers a strong and robust tank installation
  • Open cell structure provides simple access for remote CCTV and maintenance equipment to inspect all levels and areas of the system 
  • Access plate provides access for cleaning, large pipe diameter inlets and slit management 
  • Clear column 'pathways' simplify clleaning
  • Smooth surfaces prevent slit build-up
  • Top covers support infill material
  • Clip-in connector and the cross bonding feature permits of site construction of the system 


  • ACO Stormbrixx can be assembled in a variety of different tank configurations to satisfy installation and site requirements  
  • Site management and control achievable through tank configuration layout 
  • Bonded stacking for optimum stabililty
  • Low flow draindown and silt management facility
  • Environment efficient solution, minimizing carbon emissions in manufacture, transportation and on-site assembly
  • High void ratio minimizes excavation volume
  • Fully certified performance
  • Manufactured from recyclable virgin polypropylene
  • Suitable for all industrial, commercial and residential applications including access roads
Domestic landscaping
Public landscaping
Green areas
Car parking
Petrol station forecourts
Distribution yards
Sponge city

Material                            Polypropylene (Virgin)



Main body dimensions        1200 x 600 x 494 mm


Height of a layer                915 mm


Bases elements per m?          1:3.04


Memory coefficient             97%


Min. covering height           0.8m


Max. cover height               2.0m


Vertical load                     400kN/m?

Horizontal load                100 kN/m?


Valid for 1-2 layers


For 3 layers, please refer to our application technology services