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Open parking areas are influenced by weather conditions, vehicles of different load class and very often they are areas with high risk of vandalism. ACO offers a wide range of line drainage systems, oil separators and infiltration systems for open parking.



ACO KerbDrain

  • Kerbs with integrated channels
  • Monolithic system with no loose parts

ACO Monoblock PD

  • Monolithic structure for superior stability
  • No loose parts
  • Traffic and vandalism proof
  • Color options: anthracite and natural

ACO MultiDrain

  • polymer concrete drainage channels
  • wide variety of sizes
  • choice of design gratings: cast iron, stainless or galvanized steel, plastic
  • variety of slot frames
  • freedom to create individual design or integration of LED lights

ACO Qmax

  • Hydraulic capacity slot channels
  • Variety of sizes and edge rails to suit you project requirements

ACO Stormbrixx

  • Infiltration or attenuation system for rain waters
  • Light-weight and flexible plastic elements
  • Fully inspectable system
  • Optimal stability

Drainage in underground parking must comply with the requirements for shallow installation. Entrance and exit points need efficient drainage of the sloped surface. ACO offers fully-compliant to those requirements drainage systems, as well as free-standing oil separators.



ACO MultiDrain

[Translate to English:] ACO Oil separators

  • [Translate to English:] Concrete or plastic oil separators
  • Variety of nominal sizes to suit your project needs
  • Options and accessories for easy maintenance

Public city parking or private parking areas in front of buildings are usually high-traffic areas. ACO provides complete solution for surface water management for open, underground parking or parking decks.