ACO China

Full package solution "Collect-Clean-Hold-Release"

  • Full package calculation
  • Full solution provider
  • Installation support 
  • Only way for a reliable result 
  • 100% virgin raw material 
  • Creep test to certify its structural integrity and long term life expectancy 
  • Stackable ad lightweight design allows for easy manual handling and simplifies the logistics process
  • Fast and easy installation with the patented brick bonding and cross bonding features 
  • Open cell structure allows for easy access for CCTV and jetting equipment
  • Designed for over 50 years quality control and good performance 
  • Oil separation instead of bypass before the tack for Environment protection and Tank easy maintenance



Product Testing - Creep test

Product performance tests carried out on the ACO Stormbrixx system have been conducted using the methods recommended in CIRIA C680 "Structural design of modular geocellular drainage tanks". Data supplied can be supported by qualified third party independent certification. 

Ultimate load bearing capacity has been established under laboratory testing conditions during short and long term load testing. 




Three models of application