Enjoy Your Experience Exploring Ijen Crater

bromo tour package

Going to East Java is not complete if you don’t visit some beautiful destinations. In this case, you can visit some unique destinations like Bromo Mountain and Ijen Crater. Actually, these two destinations near East Java is seldom packed in one package. So, you can expect to find a unique Bromo Ijen tour package which will complete your experience in exploring East Java. It is actually recommended for you to join the tour agent, which will make sure you get the accommodation, travel and also organized the schedule. Especially for you who have a tight schedule, going with a travel agent will be a perfect solution.

How To Enjoy Your Bromo Ijen Tour Package?

Lots of tourists usually get bored when they join the travel agent. Some think they cannot be free in deciding where to go. But, for the first-timer, you will get the benefit of hiring the travel agent for organizing your trip. If you join the 2 nights and 3 days’ tour package. At the first day, you will be picked up from airport or hotel or train station. Then, you will travel to Cemoro Lawang village, which is the nearest village to Bromo. To get there, you will need 3 hours’ car trip. This Bromo Ijen tour package will let you rest in your hotel room and you can do the free activity at night.

Make sure you have enough sleep because at 3.15 AM the next morning you will have to be ready to watch the sunrise in Mt. Penanjakan 1. Don’t worry, you will go there by 4WD Jeep. In the second day, you will be spoiled with the beauty of Bromo Mountain. In the evening, you will be heading to Ijen area and you need to spend 5 hours’ road trip to finally get there. Make sure you have enough rest because the next morning at 4 AM you will hike to the famous Ijen crater with Bromo Ijen tour package.