Face Shape For Pidgeotto Haircut

pidgeotto haircutDo you want to make your face looks fresher? How about considering Pidgeotto haircut for your new hairstyle? Well, this haircut is surely popular right now. You may find that there are many people who have tried this cut to make their face look fresher. Considering that particular haircuts may look better on particular face shape only, there is also face shape which is considered better to use this cut compared with the other. What is that? Reveal the answer for this question in this following information.

Best Face Shape To Get Pidgeotto Haircut

When it comes to pidgeotto, this haircut is about leaving your middle and top hair longer while having shorter hair on both of the sides. Since it is created by cutting short sides while leaving the longer top, it is able to make our face looks longer. In this case, the Pidgeotto haircut becomes a haircut which is not appropriate to apply to someone with the oval face because it has the ability to make our oval face seems longer. So, what kind of face is recommended to try this style? Well, found face shape is actually the one which is suggested to be perfect shape to apply this haircut.

In addition to round face, some other face shapes are also suggested to be good on using this face shape. Those who have square and diamond face shape can also consider on using this haircut for their new look. Since it will make our face looks thinner, diamond and square face will take benefits from this haircut. Then, when it comes to hair types, those who have smooth and straight hair seem to be perfect on using this haircut. However, it is also possible for those who have curly hair to apply this style. Now, you have known the best face shape to get Pidgeotto haircut.