Guide For Different Type Of Tuna

If you like seafood, it is inevitable that you have ever tried tuna or maybe it is one of your favorite seafood. When we are talking about tuna, there will be some different types of tuna including yellowfin tuna, skipjack tuna and more. It is a good thing for you to learn about all of these especially if you declare that you are a big seafood especially tuna lover. Now, if you want to learn more about several different types of tuna, here are some of them that you must know.

Type Of Tuna: Yellowfin Tuna And Others

In the first place, there is skipjack tuna. This one includes the most common tuna that we can find in the market. It has a small body and we may not recognize it as tuna when it is served. You can easily find skipjack tuna product when you want to try this. Secondly, there is yellowfin tuna. If you are into tuna, you must love to try this tuna type as well. Yellowfin is commonly found in sushi and another seafood dish. You can find some variations of yellowfin product in the market including canned, frozen and fresh yellowfin in the form of tuna steak and more.

Next, there is also albacore which is just as popular as another tuna you can find in the market. We usually find this fish in the can since this fish makes up to 20 percent of the tuna market in the country. It is said that the healthy stock of this fish is in the Pacific. Afterwards, there is Bluefin which is divided into some species including Atlantic, Pacific, and Southern. It can grow up to three meters with 1,000 pounds of weight. Now, if you like to try yellowfin and other tuna, you can find it on