Healthy Drinks for Persons with Diabetes

Having a diabetes means that we must be able to control ourselves from consuming anything that makes it possible to increase our blood sugar. In addition to the food that we have, we need to concern about drink or beverage that we consume. Then, what kind of drink that is healthy enough to consume by person with diabetes?

What to Drink as Person with Diabetes?

There are some drinks that are not dangerous for persons with diabetes. You can see the list of drinks as follow.

  • Clearwater

Of course, there is nothing dangerous about drinking clear water. It is even the best drink that a person with diabetes can have. By drinking more clear water, it is possible for our body to get rid more of excessive sugar blood in our body.

  • Tea

Another drink that is not dangerous for a person with diabetes is tea especially the green tea. It is discovered by a research that green tea offers positive effect to decrease bad cholesterol in our body.

  • Fruit and veggies juice

If you are bored with clear water and tea, you can drink fruit and veggies juice as a person with diabetes. Choose good fruit and veggies for person with diabetes to get the most of your healthy juice.

What Drink to Avoid as Person with Diabetes?

Then, how about the drinks that we need to avoid when we have diabetes? You can see the list of drinks that you need to avoid here.

  • Carbonated drink

The carbonated drink is considered dangerous for person with diabetes. It is because this kind of drink has the ability to increase your body weight.

  • Energized drink

Since this kind of drink is more likely to be rich in carbohydrate and caffeine, it becomes something that we need to avoid when we have diabetes.

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