History Of Wawa

What do you think about Wawa? Some people may remember about mywawavisit which is beneficial Wawa rewards. Others may think about the delicious sandwich that they sell. But let’s talk about the history of Wawa. It is a chain of both gas station and convenience store which located in seven states on the East Coast of America. The states are Washington, D.C, Pennsylvania, Virginia, Florida, Maryland, Delaware, and New Jersey. Its headquarter is located in Pennsylvania. This store first opened back in 1964. Right now, Wawa is the largest convenience store and ranks #3 as largest food retailer in Philadelphia.

History Of Mywawavisit

Before we know more about the history of mywawavisit, it’s better for us to know the history of this store itself. This store began in 1803 not as food market but as an iron laundry! Before 1900, the laundry business changed into Wawa Dairy Farm. The owner imported cows and began to sell milk. At that time, children in the Chester Heights area suffered from sickness since they drank raw milk. The owner, George Wood, sold certified healthy milk which is hygiene and safe for drinking. Soon, many people started to buy milk from Wawa Dairy Milk. And more people requested to the owner to sell dairy products as well.

During the 1920s, Wawa grew well and they began to serve more customers both in Pennsylvania and New Jersey. They were also able to deliver the milk to customer’s houses. However, there were marked changes in Wawa. People didn’t use home deliver anymore. Instead, they bought milk in the store. With this changes, Wawa decided to open its first store. The first official Wawa store opened on April 16, 1964. The first store, which the first one to offer mywawavisit benefits open until June 2016. The store change into Super Wawa.