How to Treat Anxiety

You feel anxious and you are upset about many things. Your breathing becomes rapid, while your heart beating fast. Not to mention that your mind becomes wilder and worse. Just relax! Anxiety is killing. But you don’t have to try medication since you can choose safe nondrug remedies below!

Treating Your Anxiety

There are many safe nondrug remedies to treat your anxiety. There are some supplements and teas that might help you to face the day and no more anxiety.

  1. Chamomile tea

A cup of tea never sounds wrong. If you have an anxiety attack, you can calm yourself by drinking a cup of chamomile tea. This tea contains Matricaria Recutita which is a compound that can calm your brain such as Valium. You can also take chamomile tea as your daily supplement. There is a study that said people with an anxiety disorder who take chamomile supplement regularly can decrease the anxiety symptoms compared to people who don’t take chamomile tea.

  1. Green tea

Who doesn’t love green tea? Many foods and beverages that have green tea on them are very delicious. The green tea flavor is very popular since last years and it still popular until now. But today you are not going to drink green tea smoothies or eat green tea ice cream. But you need to drink a cup of green tea. This tea is used by Japanese Buddhist monks to meditate for hours. They feel relax by drinking green tea regularly. The tea contains an amino acid that can decrease blood pressure and heart rate into normal. There are many types of research about green tea and the results are the same. Green tea can reduce anxiety. If you want to drink green tea daily, we recommend you to drink 3 to 5 cups of green tea.

Chamomile and green tea are the best, easiest, and cheapest remedies to treat your anxiety!

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