Iphone Keyboard With Numbers

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We know that iPhone is different for Android. In iPhone, we may not find a numerical system on its keyboard. Having used a bunch of Android devices over the past few years, many people have enjoyed some features of the Google platform. They are now happy to see on iOS 8, especially third-party keyboard support. This opens up new methods of input, personal dictionary, multi-language support, customization options and more for users to play with, and there are already a bunch of keyboards available in the App Store to try. Therefore, iPhone user now can take iPhone keyboard with numbers easily.

Using Other App To Get Iphone Keyboard With Numbers

Third-party keyboards are available on the App Store and can be downloaded just like any other app, and you’ll see their icons on your home screen as well, but you’ll need to follow some steps to organize them before you can use them. This process is simple enough to guide you using iPhone keyboard with numbers. You can follow these steps to get a new keyboard. First of all, download and install the keyboard from the App Store for your device. Second, the launch settings from the main screen. Third, point to General then to Keyboard and then press add new keyboard. Then, scroll down and find your newly installed keyboard listed under third-party keyboard than touch to install it. Finally, you will now find your new keyboard on the list. If you have arrows on the side like (>), press and toggle allow full access. This allows specific settings and themes to be applied to your keyboard. And you’re done! Your new keyboard is now ready to use the entire application except in certain fields such as secure passwords.

If you are an iPhone user, maybe you cannot find the number on your keyboard because iPhone is a special smartphone that really different with android in having apps and devices. If you want to have iPhone Keyboard with Numbers, you may need to download the third party keyboard.