Living With One Lung

one lungPneumonectomy or a surgery proceed to remove the lung is one of the last treatments for people who suffer from lung cancer. When all the palliative care and treatments cannot cure the condition, removing one lung which is infected by the disease or cancer can be the last choice to treat the problem. It becomes a recommended treatment that can be suggested by the doctor in order to avoid more problem occur because of the cancer cell. Then, what should we do when we need to face such condition?

Living With One Lung: How To Make It Possible

When removing one of our lungs is the best treatment to do, we may need to let the doctor remove one of our lungs. Now, our part is to make it possible for our body to survive well without having its two lungs like before. To make it possible to survive, we may need to learn for slowing down. Living with one lung may require us to slow down since we cannot breathe as we used to be. It is not that we cannot do anything. We should be active as we used to be, but we may need to learn to keep up the pace to adapt to our lung capacity after the pneumonectomy.

Besides, it is also suggested for people who live without two lungs to watch out their choice of activities. You may use to like football, basketball or tennis. However, with your condition, you may need to replace those activities with the lighter one. When it comes to exercise, you can choose walking instead of running. It must be better if you also try yoga in order to achieve the most of your health even without your two lungs. Now, you have learned how to live with one lung.