Natural Daily Treatments For Whole Skin Type

Do you have sensitive skin or maybe normal skin? Oily and dry skin can join here too. I will share the tips to make natural daily treatments for your skin. I think your skin is happy now. You know, many people have a problem with their skin but do not know what to do. They prefer to do nothing or their skin become worst. It is not true. If you need change; you need to struggle.

The Tips Of Natural Daily Treatments For All Type Of Skin

It is ok to try the natural treatments. It is not really dangerous. You may be afraid of the chemical skin care that not the natural ones. So, are you ready with the tips? You may read it below:

  1. The daily natural treatments or skin care of mine will include mask, toner, and moisturizer. The masks are two kinds and I use them separately.
  2. First, I use the aloe Vera gel from the popular brand but you may use the real aloe Vera gel from your garden if you want. I use it as a mask in the morning before I do my makeup. Maybe I will use the whole day long in the weekend. The result is very good.
  3. Then, I use the mask made of pure milk and oatmeal. I use it not only for the mask but also as a scrub. I use it before I sleep and use my daily toner.
  4. The last, I use apple cider vinegar as a toner.

The problem of my skin is sometimes sensitive, oily and acne prone. However, those skin care are very good for almost all skin type. You may use aloe Vera gel as a moisturizer and you can replace the pure milk with white egg or maybe honey as you need. You may see the functions of those ingredients. So, that is it. Hope you like it.

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