No Wifi Games

The smartphone allows you to download many games. The interesting part is to know that there are no wifi games free. It means that there are some games that you can download and play them without internet connection or Wi-Fi. As we know that there are some games that require an internet connection to play them. There are many games available for you to download that you can play them offline.

Best No Wi-Fi Games Free

The first offline game that you can play is Asphalt Nitro. If you want to play a game that takes more than 1GB and you need an internet connection to play it, you need to uninstall that game. Instead of playing that annoying game, we recommend you to install Asphalt Nitro. As one of best no wifi games free, this game only takes below 150 MB of space. What is this game about? It is a stripped-down version of the famous car racing game. Maybe you already played this high-end game on Nintendo or PlayStation. Right now, you can play Asphalt Nitro on the mobile version. Although the graphics aren’t as great as the console ones, this game is solid. Let’s play this game, start won the race, and keep upgrading your car. Asphalt

The next offline game is Plants Vs Zombies 2! Who doesn’t know this game?! This game is really popular since a decade ago. But still, the game is famous until now. There are many generations that play this game. This game is also perfect for someone who looks for a strategy game. You already know how to play this game. You have many plants that have different abilities for each plant. Zombies will invade your garden and try to kill you. Your mission is to protect yourself from zombie invasion with the help of the plants. Those are best no wifi games free that you can download on