Node.Js Express Tutorial For NPM

node.js express tutorialPreviously we have discussed powerful Node.js express tutorial abbot REPL which stands for Reading, Eval, Print and Loop. Today we have another functional environment that you can work on. It is called NPM, and it has two important purposes. The first purpose is as a repository. NPM or Node Package Manager needs to be updated often. If you are looking for is packages or modules, it is important to search it on the proper website. The website for that is In this website, you can find the package that is suitable for your need. Secondly, it also provides utility to install Node.js. NPM also can manage your current version along with its dependency nature.

More Node.Js Express Tutorial For NPM

If you are still wondering what NPM is used for, it is actually for updating your Node.js to your latest customization. You may have worked on something with the Node.js such as following the tests on the Node.js express tutorial. If you want to store the data safely, it is possible to use NPM because that is how this works. If you do not have the latest NPM, it is kind of difficult or at least problematic when updating your scripts. In this situation, you need to update your NPM to the latest version by using command from your root directory.

Now after you have updated your NPM, you can start installing modules that you can search in the previous website provided. The NPM may be installed in the local directory. If that happens, you need to check that out using command ipm ls. This command will notify whether you have the folder available or not. Additionally, you may need to consider generating package.json for making a module. The module is useful especially if you want to push it to the repository. That is another Node.js express tutorial that you should know.