Which One Better? Nature or Caesar

Health tipsHave you ever pregnancy? If you will give birth you should choose which better one, nature and normal birth or Caesarean birth. Each way to give birth that you choose will give the different risk to you and your baby. Want to know more about that, you can read this article for more information. Let’s check this out!

The Nature Birth or Caesarean birth.

Giving birth is something that the moment that you always wait for your life. Not only change your status from the only wife being mom and wife for your parent. The normal birth is the birth via your vagina. There is something that you should know when you choose the normal birth for your giving birth. You should know the condition of your baby while pregnancy about 9 months. You can use the USG to know how is the condition of your baby like the size of your baby, your physic and psychologies condition and others. This normal birth will stimulate your breastmilk to appear and support the health of your baby. Besides that, based on the research the baby that birth with normal way is healthier than other ways.

Why should you choose Caesarean birth? Most of the mother that choose the Caesarean way to birth their baby is because of the healthy condition and from input from the doctors. It’s can happen because your body size is not supporting to have the normal birth, the baby size is too big, have the infectious diseases, and other reasons. The process when you birth with caesar way is relatively short and you should not have a risk that your body will bigger and prevent the decrease of your vagina gain. Besides the plus point above, you also can search the minus point of normal birth or caesarean birth that will help you to choose the best one based on your condition and your baby condition and health. Thank you for reading this article.