Pros And Cons New Media Career

new media careernew media careerWhat jobs that cross your mind when you read “media careers”? News anchor, a writer for fancy magazines, news reporter, or even a host for entertainment on the television are the ones that might pop on in your head. The truth is, new media career is a career in the media industry that provides literally thousands of roles. Working in this field, you don’t have to be a star and appear in television screen every single day wearing a tuxedo and luxury dress.

New Media Career, Yes Or Nah?

Media careers have a prestige reputation in people’s view. When we discuss the media, it is not only referred to everything that aimed at the public. Just like any other profession with plus and minus, pros and cons, new media career have it as well.  I have summarized the pros and cons you shall take attention at:

  • Pros of career in media industry
  • Witnessing history, you will get a chance to ask the question, share information, and investigate directly to those who are involved in the important event.
  • You will meet plenty of important people, it will help you to widen your social circle and build a good relationship with them.
  • Cons of career in media industry
  • A bad reputation. Numerous surveys show that public has a trust issue with people who work in media. Based on how today’s news and everything we read either it’s printed or online are full logical fallacy and bias.
  • New competition. Newspaper reporters are now demanded to shoot videos for websites and television reporter is forced to use media social such as Facebook, Twitter, or even blogs. The company might start to look for new staffs that are an expert on technology.

So, it’s still your decision to get your face or voice shown and listened out there. Or if you want to get involved in the production, administration, creative, or technical team, there are the limited amount of chances available in the new media career industry.