Recently Popular Thin Blue Line WeddingBand

weddingWhen choosing your wedding ring, of course, you want the best ring for your couple. Recently Thin Blue line weddingband become quite popular for a wedding ring. Since the design is rather simple and elegant. this ring has become loved by many people. Just like the name, this ring has blue line on the rings, the design is simple, but the blue line is wonderful. This ring is also charming so no wonder why this ring become quite popular again.

Thin Blue Line WeddingBand Design And Cost

Just like the name says, the design of this ring is rather simple. It only has blue line ring. This ring also uses a Celtic rope accent. The ring itself is using Claddagh stainless steel. The price for this ring is up to $15.000 quite expensive for a ring that does not use gold or diamond. The price comes from the design and Celtic rope accent. You can also choose between white or black ring. The white one will cost you about $15.000, and the black one will cost you $20.000. The blue line is a blue fiber inlay. The blue fiber inlay is what makes this ring looks elegant, and perfect for a wedding ring. The blue fiber also looks great when combined with the white wedding dress. That was the design of thin blue line weddingband.

The cost of this ring is about $15.000 to $35.000, depend on the color of the ring and the blue fiber inlay. For the wedding rings, this is a reasonable price. Although you don’t get any gold or diamond, but you will get the elegant design from this ring. Of course, everyone wants the best ring that looks good on your bride ring finger. This popular and beautiful wedding ring should be your symbol of love for your wife. Truly, no wonder many people love this fancy and elegant thin blue line WeddingBand.