Salary Of Teacher

salarySome people want to be a teacher because they can help other people to be smarter. However, there are also some people who want to be a teacher just because of offered salary. Depending on where you live, the income of teacher varies. In developing country, for instance, the payment is not that high. It is also considered that the teachers are just providing free education because their income just cannot fulfill their basic needs. Teachers in developed countries such as the United States and the UK, for instance, are paid more. The annual income for them is good enough that they can live comfortably. There is spreading information that the average payment for teacher reaches $36,000 as the base. That is to say, it can be boosted with various purposes.

Highest Salary Of Teacher

When we talk about the payment in worldwide, there is a notable region that is quite famous for rewarding the teachers. The country is Luxembourg because the base salary even for the secondary teachers reaches up to $80,000. After some progressions, the payment goes up to $140,000. That is a great amount of money, and that amount beats even people with riskier occupations. However, such amount of money does not come for anything. The teachers should work harder by extending their time for teaching compared to other countries. Even so, the rate is still considered the highest among all.

If you have heard about how great education system in Finland is, you should consider knowing the fact that the teachers are paid less than $50,000 as their initial payment. Ironically, in another spectrum, there is a country in northern Europe that only pays their teachers for $25,000 per year. It is not the best salary that can be obtained, but it may be good enough for accommodating daily needs. After all, teaching is an honored occupation that creates a better generation.