Shopping For Vannamei Shrimp

Vannamei shrimp has been one of the most popular seafood in many countries for years. This shrimp is also one of the most varied products. Vannamei shrimp price is also cheap so everyone can afford this ingredient.  You can buy them in pre-cooked, fresh, previously frozen, and frozen. Since we talk about a lovely food, shrimp can be confusing when it comes to shopping them. And sometimes the information from the label doesn’t help much to find the best shrimp. So here our guideline in shopping vannamei shrimp. There is some consideration besides price when you want to buy shrimp. Check this out.

Shopping For Cheap Vannamei Shrimp Price

We recommend you to buy the frozen shrimp since the vannamei shrimp price is affordable, the preparation is also easy compared with other shrimps. If you want to eat sustainably fished or farmed shrimp, you can check the freshwater varieties. You can also check the labels of approval from groups that support sea environments such as Aquaculture Stewardship Council, Marine Stewardship Council, and Naturland. After that, pick the size. A shrimp’s size is consisting of numbers of individual shrimp to make up a pound. For example, if you read the label said 16/20, it means that the product is consist of 16 to 20 shrimp in a pound.

In some products, the label will put the letter U such as ‘U10’. It means that there are less than 10 shrimp to make up a pound. The more the shrimp, the cheaper the price be. Why? Because if you take the product with less shrimp, it means that you will get bigger shrimp. This will cost expensive. If you choose the medium or jumbo product, of course, the vannamei shrimp price that you have to pay is more expensive. You can buy them in shrimp supplier, the price will be way, way cheaper.