Something Wrong in Skinny Jeans

Behind the beauty of skinny jeans, it turns out there are many problems that arise if used continuously. Starting from numbness due to nerve clamping until the stomach feels heartburn. According to the vascular surgeon in America, choose clothes that are comfortable to use because the clothes in the design are not to provide a body shape that we do not belong to it. Users of skinny jeans usually experience numbness in their legs because the pants they use are too tight. Actually, the condition is not harmful, but if it happens continuously then the user the user will experience the effect of sustainable or even permanent.

Knowing the Dangers of Wearing too Tight Jeans

A neurologist in Chicago said that people suffering from tight pants syndrome are characterized by abdominal discomfort, heartburn, and belching. This is due to wearing tight long jeans. Casually, they use a 3-inch size smaller than the size that should be used. When the stomach feels depressed, the food cannot be digested properly and this condition can worsen the condition of people who already have digestive problems such as reflux esophagitis, regular and chronic heartburn. A study in the UK also states that 1 in 10 men who use too tight pants have problems with the bladder, while 1 in 5 men have problems with rotating testicles.

Fashion is a natural thing for a few people. Following the development of the fashion world is the right of everyone and of course, fashion trends will continue to grow. Wear tight jeans is fine, provided that at the time of use or afterward you do not feel a little tormented because of it. Duration of use also has a limited time and each time has a risk that you can bear later. Do not be too long to wear pants like this in everyday life, because many experts and research show that there will be a dangerous risk that you can feel later if you still wear it in a long time.

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