Streaming Music Is Cool, But How Much Data Does Streaming Music Use?

How Much Data Does Streaming Music UseNowadays, Teenager is into music very much. They love to listen to a song using music application and stream a music. But how much data does streaming music use? For teenagers that do not have any income yet, Is it safe for their wallet? Internet data is not cheap and they need to use internet data wisely. Streaming use internet data a lot. While streaming music is pretty simple and easy (especially when using music application) it can consume a lot of internet data. If you carelessly streaming music for an hour. You will drain your internet data in no time, so watch out.

How Much Data Does Streaming Music Use To Get Music Through Some Music Application?

To stream 3 minutes’ song. Average music application use 4 MB of internet data. So that means we need to use 40 MB of data per 30 minutes of listening music. That can be disastrous, especially for teenagers, and college student. But how much data does streaming music use, if we listen to music for 8-hour work day? If listen to music 8 hour straight we will burn nearly 1 GB just to stream a music. This amount of data is hilarious, so mind your music listen.

For a college student that doesn’t have much money, and much internet data. The streaming music is not recommended. They will drain their internet data fast, and spend more money on internet data, while they don’t have any income other than from their parents. So, streaming music habits is not good for a college student. If you want to listen to music freely, and cheaper, you can search for Wi-Fi and stream or download the music, these ways you will listen to music cheaper. It’s also fine to listen to music through streaming if you have free Wi-Fi. This will answer and give more advice on how much data does streaming music use. For more details, you should check out the website.