Play Store Guides For Beginner

play storeIs it your first time to use Android? Then, you may need to learn more about the basic thing like Play Store which is available for this operating system. If you find App Store in iOS and App World in Blackberry, you will find Google Play on your Android. This store is usually featured as the bundle apps in many new Android devices. It means that you do not need to download and install it first since it is usually available from the beginning. Now, let’s check for further information as follow.

Play Store Guides For New Android Users

As a new user, it is important for you to learn about the way to install a new app on your device. If the Google Play app has been available on your device, you can simply open it by tapping on this app icon once. However, if there is no available app market in your device, you can download for the Play Store Apk first in another online website. Let’s assume that you have got the app installed on your device. Now, you can simply start your app hunting. There are some possible ways to find the app you want to install which we are going to discuss below.

One of the easiest ways to get your app in Google Play is by searching the name of the app in the searching box. Tap on the box which appears at the top of the app or taps the microphone symbol on the right side of the box. Then, you can type or talk the name of the app you want to get. If you do not have any app to install in mind, you can check for the app in the top charts by tapping the “Top Charts” button. After that, you can choose the app you like in Play Store and hit the install button.