Make Shorten URLs and Earn Money

Shorten URLs and Earn MoneyDo you like sharing URL on your website? When the link or URL is just too long, you may really want to shrink it to the shorter one so that it does not ruin your website’s display. At this point, you may like to shorten URLs and earn money from the link that you have shortened. You may be familiar with this kind of sharing the link. When you click a link on a website and you find a page before the actual page of the link you click, this page is actually paid you with real money.

Make Shorten URLs and Earn Money by Golinku

Now, you must be curious to know how you could do to make short URLs and gain real cash from the URLs. Well, the first thing you must know that there are various shortening link services that make earning money from short link possible. In this case, is one of the top best URL shortener services that will give you real money. It offers good money for you and you do not need to do any difficult thing to make it works. You can simply visit its website to learn more about the services and the earning you probably get from it.

To make you able to use the service from Golinku, there are three steps that must do. First, you need to register for a new account on the Golinku to use the service. If you do not want to complete a registration form, you can consider about using your Facebook account to sign in into this service. Second, you must make the short link on Golinku. If you have done with the link, now you can simply put the link on your websites to make your visitor click on the link you share. That’s all a little about how to shorten URLs and earn money.