Street Taco Recipe Easy Homemade

street taco recipeAre you the one who loves cooking? If you do then you must have tried several recipes from several countries. Well in this time you are recommended to try this recipe from Mexican people. You know there are several Mexican foods that you are worth to try, one of them is a taco. You can try this street taco recipe if you want to make a taco. Usually, tacos are being sold along the street in Mexico, and it has definitely great taste so that you can try the food now. Well, then what you need to do if you want to make some tacos for your free time? Then here is the answer.

Shredded Chicken Street Taco Recipe

Well, the taco is quite easy to make you can make this food as your homemade which is really tasteful. Well, this bit information about taco in Mexico. Usually Mexican will make this taco in a leisure day. It can be the way for them to be grateful to God because of the health and also welfare they have gotten all this time. Now if you exist in everywhere you can try this street taco recipe to make homemade taco which has the taste almost like the original one from the nation.

It is very easy to make. First, you need to prepare tortillas, shredded chicken which has been cooked, salsa or sauce, guacamole, jalapeno if you want to try it, shredded cabbage, chopped cilantro, onions, paprika, cumin, sugar, salt, and also pepper. To start cooking this street taco recipe, you need to heat up the tortilla. After that mix jalapeno, cayenne, cilantro, paprika, cumin, salt, sugar, paper. Then you need to add them into shredded chicken. After that, you can add the cabbage and put them inside the tortillas. Then your taco is ready to serve, enjoy.