Best Hotel Wedding Venues

Wedding VenuesAre you searching for hotel wedding venues for your very special day? Luckily, it is the time for us to talk about several best hotels which are possible to be used as a wedding venue. When it comes to placing for our wedding, we may wonder about restaurant or hotel which is suitable for our special day. The hotel is actually a great choice especially if we are choosing a venue which is far away from our neighborhood. In case you need some ideas about where to choose, here are a few hotels which you can take into account as wedding venues.

Best Hotel Wedding Venues for You

If you are considering about the outdoor venue for your wedding reception, you may like to consider Marina Del Rey Hotels. Located in Southern California, this hotel offers a spacious venue to hold an outdoor wedding reception and ceremony. As one of the beautiful hotel wedding venues in the US, you can expect for beautiful natural view in this venue. It is certainly an excellent choice for you who love to have an outdoor reception with beautiful beach and skyscrapers as the main background. Another best choice of hotel for a wedding venue is The Hay-Adams.

When we are talking about The Hay-Adams, it is actually a five-star hotel which has an excellent rating from those who have ever used it as wedding reception venue. Located in Washington DC, this venue is available for having outdoor or indoor reception. It is surely a good choice for throwing a private event. Another five-star hotel which you can consider is Mandarin Oriental. Located in Las Vegas, Nevada, this venue is suitable for holding about 600 people in total. It is a good choice for those who want to invite a large number of people for the reception. Now, you can choose one of those best hotel wedding venues.