The Perfect & Good Diet For AB Blood Type

One of the rarest blood is the AB. If you are people who have this kind of blood type and you want to do diet, you can read this article, because we will give you some nice information that you could use to help you in doing diet, because we will tell you about how you can do the diet by following your blood type. In this case, if you are having the groupe sanguin AB type of blood, you will be happy, especially for those of you who looking for the great method of doing the diet. Well, for those who want to have the ideal weight with using the best method, this could be the perfect article that you can read.

Food That You Need To Consume And Avoid

You need to know if the people with AB blood type is very sensitive and they need a very different diet traitement, well, there are some food that you can’t eat especially if you are the people with the AB type of blood. Here are the foods that you need to avoid being in your menu list while you do the diet, especially for the people on the groupe sanguin AB.

  1. Any kind of milk
  2. You can’t eat any kind of meat and chicken as well
  3. Cheese and anything that related to milk

But, you also have the good things that you can consume in your diet, especially if you are the people with the groupe sanguin AB.

  1. Yogurt
  2. Fish like sardines, tuna, catfish and many more
  3. You can eat the rabbit meat and also sheep
  4. The perfect fruits that you can consume are grapes, jackfruit, apple and orange

Well, those are the foods that you need to avoid and also you need to add on your menu. So, if you are want to get the best and ideal weight those are the menu that you can put in and take out from your menu diet program.