Time Management For Bonsai Tree Care

bonsai tree careIt is actually not necessary to put so much care on your bonsai every day. The reason is because the trees need quite a long time to make process. However, you still need pay special observation every day to see if there is any change that may lead to life degradation period. There are some things that you should note when it comes to managing time for bonsai tree care. First of all, it is all about the natural living cycle of bonsai. They are winter dormancy, revival, new growth, summer dormancy, strengthening, and preparation for winter dormancy. All of those phases will continue and it is best to let the tree do its job without too much interference from a human.

Managing Time For Bonsai Tree Care

When winter dormancy comes, the tree is like inactive. If we refer to an animal, we call it as hibernation. As bonsai caregiver, you need to make sure there is no fungus attacking the tree. Additionally, do not put too much water because it is extremely risky for the bonsai. That is the best suggestion for bonsai tree get care in this phase. After this phase, spring comes and it requires more work. The reason is because your bonsai starts to grow. Depending on your aim, you definitely do not want that to happen because it will reduce its aesthetic value in the long run. Therefore, bonsai tree care needs to cut the bud before things are too late.

When summer comes, you have another chance to re-pot your bonsai. Do it extremely carefully because this phase is actually not considered ideal for repotting. Additionally, you should cut too much because the roots are not grown that fast. The last phase is called winter rest. Cleanup is essential for achieving the best bonsai tree care.