Virtual Desktop Assistants That Are Useless

There are Siri and Cortana which can be proud of a virtual assistant for mobile or desktop. When there is something that is considered good, there is one that is considered bad. Bonzi Buddy seems like the one that is considered bad. Thinking about its history, we cannot doubt that this virtual desktop assistant is not the one that is recommended to use.

What Is Virtual Desktop Assistant?

First, you may like to know about the essence of a virtual desktop assistant. Just like its name, it is a virtual assistant that will help you with your desktop. Usually, a virtual assistant is able to help you with your email jobs, to play music for you or to do other things. When an assistant is meant to be helpful, there are actually some of them which are counted as useless. Here are some of the virtual assistants that are considered useless.

Here Are Top Virtual Desktop Assistants To Avoid

  • Bonzi Buddy

This one is one of the most useless virtual assistants that has ever been available for Windows. This software is now stopped for any update starting from 2004 because of various bad reviews about the software. It is even considered as a virus that will only harm your personal data.

  • Electric Love Potato

Another virtual assistant which is considered useless than being helpful is electric love potato. Just like its name, the assistant comes in the form and potato. It will be good if the potato is helpful, but here it is rather annoying than being useful.

Those two are some of the top virtual desktop assistants that you may need to avoid. However, in case you are curious about these two especially the BonziBuddy one, you can follow this following link to learn more about the software: That’s all.