Ways To Stop Infantigo Appeared

When you get cut, insect bites, or abrasion, don’t scratch it and do some treatment. If you let your skin which has been biting by insects or other open, so there will be some bacteria comes into your skin. Then, the biggest problem will occur like an infection. One of the possible infection that will appear after you let your damaged skin open is infantigo. Have you heard about it? When you have a new scar by insect or abrasion then you let it be so there will be an infection. Then, the infection will be growth to be this problem.

Things To Do To Prevent The Spreading Of Infantigo

You cannot let the bacteria of Staphylococcus aureus and Streptococcus pyogenes damage your skin. If you have a scar, so cure it as soon as possible then keep it close. In that situation, there will be no bacteria that live in your skin. If you do not want to get infantigo on your skin, so you can follow this thing:

  1. Don’t ever get direct contact with people who have it. If you need to cure people with it, so you can wear protective gloves when you want to apply any ointment on their skin,
  2. Always keep your skin clean by using soap when taking bath and washing hand,
  3. Apply antibiotics ointment when you have skin breach. You can clean your skin with water and soap first, then apply the antibiotics ointment right after you skin dried,
  4. Keep your nails cut short to avoid any infective organism under your nails.

From these four steps, you may prevent any possibility of infantigo. In general, you have to keep your body and environment clean so there will be no dirt and bacteria. If there is a wound, so you have to treat it soon.

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